Department of General Services

Procurement Division

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Broadcast Date: April 29, 2009


TO:     Purchasing Authority Contacts (PACs)


RE:     Flu Epidemic—Emergency Purchases


This broadcast announces that the Department of General Services, Procurement Division (DGS/PD), has commodity contracts in-place to provide products that may be needed in response to the recent outbreak of the flu virus.  Items such as N-95 respirators, blankets, cots, disinfectants, etc can be acquired from any or all of the contracts listed below:


·        MRO Contract (Safety Supplies 1S-06-84-01)


·        MRO Contract (Janitorial Supplies 1S-06-79-55)


To find the information on the following WSCA contracts, go to In the “search” field, type in the contract number and click search.


·        Grainger (WSCA Contract Number 7066)

·        Global Protection (WSCA Contract Number PC 62001)

·        Aramsco (WSCA Contract Number PC 61962)


If you have any questions regarding this notification, please contact:


Roger Anderson





Skip Ellsworth